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[Switch to 1.0.2: June '96]

Steal this JDK 1.0.2 quick reference!

Part of the Java documentation from Sun is a list of all Java methods and variables, sorted alphabetically, in one big file. The identifiers in that big index are linked to their description in the class documentation in the same directory. It's a great tool to answer arbitrary Java programming `How-To' questions.
Sun's original big index, as distributed with the JDK-1.0.2 api documentation.

Unfortunately, the file is 370 K large; too large to navigate it with a scroll bar, let alone use over a network. What I miss most about the document is a class quick reference. There used to be a hierarchical list of interfaces and other classes in a file named tree.html, but even that one's gone in the 1.0.2 release. Besides, I want an alphabetical index, not a hierarchical one - if I look for information about a class, I don't care, or perhaps don't know, which superclass it is derived from.

Here is a drop-in replacement for the index of the JDK 1.0.2 documentation's apibook/ directory that fixes all those things.

The toplevel class reference and identifier alphabet.

the split-up identifier index.

A 1.0.2-ified version of the tree.html class hierarchy.

If you like that split index, or want to turn it into an index that suits you best, copy it; that's what this page is for.
Names.htm, tree.htm, and A-Z.htm in a gzip'ed tar file, 63531 bytes. Unpack inside the apibook directory.

The same as a zip archive, 82762 bytes.

The JDK-1.0.2 API documentation

The quick reference index won't help you unless you already have Sun's Java API documentation: about 250 brief HTML pages that explain Java's basic classes, their inheritance relationships and members. If you don't have it yet, you can get it from the JavaSoft site:
Sun's documentation in various formats. Get the 8.3 filename version.

More about Java and the JDK-1.*

Finally, if you stumbled onto this page while looking for general information on Java and the Java Developers Kit 1.0, you'll find more of that at

HTML and PostScript docs on language, api, and byte code.
The repository. Sample applets to copy and play with.
Independent, large index for everything.

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