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IETF Request for Comments
Given the number, get a RFC from ds.internic.net. Fast.

Java API quickreference
An alternative toplevel index to Sun's JDK 1.0 API documentation; all major classes alphabetically on the first page; all functions and identifiers two clicks away.

HTTP 1.0 response codes
``Could you give me a 304 on that?''

Netscape: The Dithering
By default, Netscape dithers everything except its background and text using these 125 colors.


What is good hypertext writing?
About style in hypertext copy - as opposed to layout.

HTML is no TML
Marking up plain English text in HTML is a drag. Here's why.


Steal this incremental menu!
An incremental menu written in JavaScript that you can drop into a javadoc allclasses-frame.html to make it react to keypresses like an incremental menu does.

Filtering the buzz
A short rc script that filters out records that contain certain keywords, like ``cool.''

The Boing Demon
How to make sounds on my workstation.

Umap - a different imagemap
Different syntax, more robust, extended functionality.

Annotate yacc and lex grammars with links.

List and crossreference the anchors in HTML documents.

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