Edward Tufte, McCaw Hall, Stanford, Wed Dec 8, 2004

Poor-resolution, slightly blurry picture of Edward Tufte, taken while signing books at the Stanford talk.  He's talking, holding up a pen.Tufte turned slightly sideways.  His hand is blurry with motion in front of his face.Tufte, leaning over to sign a book, looking up across his spectacles, listening.

What I particularly like about Tufte is that he understands the economics that drive bad design. He's not preachy about it; you can listen to the talk and come away with the idea that good design simply means paying attention to content - revolutionary enough, if taken to its conclusions.

But every once in a while, an enumeration, with the same conviction that previously applied to some cognitive model or historical fact, veers into commercial, exploitative realities, without missing a beat, perhaps with a brief glance at the audience.