Rob Pike, Bell Labs. 

(Introducing keynote speaker Penn Jillette, of the magic and comedy duo Penn & Teller, at the Summer 1994 USENIX conference in Boston, MA.)

From the Biography section of a paper on his Acme user environment, presented at the Winter 1994 USENIX Conference in San Francisco:

If that doesn't impress you, try his cheesecake (metric version).

References to Rob Pike in the C programming subtree:
Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language
I am grateful to Al Aho, Al Feuer, Narain Gehani, Bob Martin, Doug McIlroy, Rob Pike, Dennis Ritchie, Chris Van Wyk and Charles Wetherell for helpful criticisms of earlier versions of this paper.

Tom Duff on Duff's Device
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Notes on Programming in C
Rob Pike

How to Use the Plan 9 C Compiler
Rob Pike

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