Geography, ugh. It used to bore me to pieces. Those borders and names just seemed arbitrary and not worth remembering. (Given the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the USSR, maybe that wasn't such a bad instinct!)

Unfamiliar places whose names sounded similar were particularly troubling. Liberia, Lybia, Lebanon .. now, which was which?

In each list of country pairs below, there's one pair that doesn't belong, based on the geographical location of the respective countries. Can you spot the odd pair out?

1. Which of these pairs is different from the others?
Kasachstan and Kyrgyzstan
Paraguay and Uruguay
Uganda and Ruanda
Yemen and Oman
2. Which of these is different from the others?
Gabon and Gambia
Libya and Liberia
Niger and Nigeria
Slovenia and Slovakia
Turkey and Turkmenistan
3. Which of these is different from the others?
Austria and Australia
Belize and Benin
Equador and Equatorial Guinea
Lebanon and Liberia
Mali and Malawi