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Hyper/Cyber:  Steal this incremental menu!
My first, and hopefully last, foray into JavaScript.

Hyper/Cyber:  IETF Request For Comments
Another Mach-2 quickreference.

Drawings:  Kraken
Two squids.

Drawings:  Shower, Juliet 3
Quick sketches.

Drawings:  Reader
New painting.

Personal:  Résumé
If lines are busy, try again later, but do call.

Book reviews:  Ian Buruma: A Japanese Mirror
A book about Japanese mainstream culture; slightly old (from 1984), but a good read.

Hypercyber:  Java JDK beta2 index
A fresh quick-reference index for (first) the Java beta, and now simply the JDK 1.0 release.

???:  German
Essays about the meanings of certain German words.

Hypertext:  Filtering the buzz
I'll never see a triple exclamation mark again.

Options & futures:  On painting
What I'd want in a paint tool.

Hypertext:  Netscape: The Dithering
A bad pun turned ugly.

Notes:  Hug machine
Another excerpt from Oliver Sacks' ``An Anthropologist on Mars'' that I referred to in an earlier note.

Kaspar Hauser:  Night Vision
Footnote from Oliver Sacks' ``An Anthropologist on Mars''

Options & futures:  The hypercube game
Sudden death in the fourth dimension.

Masthead:  Chicken Love Tragedy
The image was probably copied from the Fortean Times.

Options & Futures:  delay.com
The Internet dead man's switch.

Options & futures:  Sound Track
Audio output, motion input.

Scream Baby:  Laughing at the Little Moron
(No writing, no layout, just storage.)

Options & futures:  Brief note on topology
A cube is not the most efficient network layout.

C:  The noalias proposal (1988),
Posted to comp.std.c by Dennis Ritchie. (Mark­up.)

Book reviews:  Manga! Manga!, The World of Japanese Comics
By Frederick Schodt; I found the book to be a very good introduction.

Book reviews:  Letzte Lockerung: ein Handbrevier für Hochstapler
With an excerpt from the book and a translation.

Drawings:  The risks of flying pigs
Article posted to comp.risks by Jose Reynaldo Setti.  (Annotation to the lamp.)

Conspiracy:  CalTech and the early Hubbard
What do JPL, CalTech, the OTO, and the CoS have in common? History.

Drawings:  Miscellaneous icons
An old page with b&w 50x50 icons I drew some time ago.

Options & futures:  The stone
A touch­only input/output device.

C:  Infrequently asked questions in comp.lang.c, from Peter Seebach
Hurried mark­up job, for a reason.

Penn & Teller:  Friday @ 4ET,  Little Houdini and the Hair Dryer
(Mark-up only.)  Little Houdini Oh brother.

Notes:  Kaspar Hauser
Rough account of the historical Kaspar Hauser.

Writing:  Alles
[German]  With apologies to Italo Calvino.

Options and futures: Board clock
A clock that moves.

Unix 1:  Big Endian: Excerpt from A Journey to Lilliput
For the Unix 1 course materials, with German footnotes.

Writing:  Love
Purple­tipped prose from an unbiased observer.

Drawings and designs:  Previous homepages
Someone asked me where the brain went.  I moved it there.

Options and futures:  Visual Programming
What's wrong with it?  (Fragment)

Books:  Houdini, The Untold Story
By Milbourne Christopher.

C:  Metre v2.2
Marked up announcement from Paul Long.  They still warn about gotos.  Tss.

Notes:  Mail reader
Designs for the e­mail client that I might write some day.

Interesting Times:  The Camille Paglia Checklist
Just good, clean fun.  Really.

Personal:  Talking Heads: The Big Country
Lyrics and chords.

Drawing:  Three b&w snail shells
I use the middle one as my xterm icon.

Personal:  The nighttime letters